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  • Social Media Screening

    Our reports provide a comprehensive picture of a subject's complete publicly available online presence.

  • Social Media Training

    FAROSIAN’s core focus is partnering with business to educate and enable positive social media conduct and behaviour.

What We Offer

Why Social media screening?

Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart, Judge Mabel Jansen. These are but a tiny fraction of the social media blunders we have seen. This will not end! FAROSIAN conducts impartial and objective social media screening for recruiters and employers to take a proactive approach and stance to ensure these behaviours and acts are minimized. Saving your organisation in reputation and brand equity. Can you put a price on your reputation? Once it has been seen, it can not be unseen. FAROSIAN will be your eyes.

Why Us

FAROSIAN is the pioneer and innovator in South Africa and Africa to have developed a measurable social media screening reporting system. We are one of a handful of highly specialised companies worldwide that provide this unique product and service. A true, proudly South African product and service.
With our highly skilled and trained team, we will always ensure that we remain objective and unbiased in our reporting and assessment. We make use of strict processes and guidelines to do so. Is this legal? Yes it is. We will gladly provide legal documentation confirming this should you require.
FAROSIAN makes use of anthropological theory and best practice to base our screening and reporting. This allows for very niche framework which we have developed internally, investing in excess of 6000 hours of ongoing development. With our in house anthropologist leading our reporting team structures.
  • Social Media FAROSIAN

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